HOLONIX Hand Sanitizer Liquid – Alcohol Antiseptic 80%, Topical Solution, Non-Sterile Solution – 120 Single Use, 1.2 mL Packs with Dispenser Box


SANITIZATION ON THE GO – Holonix hand sanitizer liquid is a convenient solution you can easily carry in your pocket, purse, or lunch boxes that you can easily pull out and dispose of after use. Each packet is 1.97 x 3.15 inches and has 1.2 mL of hand sanitizing liquid.
ONE-HAND SNAP-AND-USE FEATURE – Aside from the convenience of being able to take these anywhere, each pack opens with a no-mess, one-handed snap-and-use design. With one hand, take one pack, BEND with the front of the pack towards you, FOLD in half until you hear a snap and SQUEEZE gently to dispense the sanitizer
SIMPLE FORMULATION – Holonix hand sanitizer is a topical antiseptic solution that has 80% ethyl alcohol by volume, has no fragrances, and no thickening agent. An effective hand sanitizing solution easy to apply.