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Hasbro’s new Fortnite Nerf guns launch on March 22nd, with preorders starting today

Hasbro, owner of the Nerf brand, today revealed its full lineup of Fortnite-themed Nerf products, including the previously announced AR-L Elite blaster modeled after the SCAR in Epic Games’ hit battle royale game. Prior to today, only the AR-L Elite was confirmed back when the line was first announced in October. At the time, that […]

What Amazon got wrong about New York City

In November, on the day Amazon announced the winners of its contest for a second headquarters, I suggested that the company had fatally misunderstood the current relationship between tech giants and public opinion: It’s hard not to feel today as if the company misread the room — overestimating the public’s appetite for a billion-dollar giveaway […]

Apple’s new deal for journalism should send publishers running

Programming note: The third-party software we use to publish The Interface was down on Tuesday, preventing me from putting together the usual newsletter or emailing it to you as normal. But I wrote a column anyway, because I love you. Social networks influence democracy in part because they occupy a large portion of our shared […]

Up your home security with this one-day sale on the Arlo Pro 2 HD camera system

The Arlo Pro 2 wireless home security camera system is reduced to $199.99 today at Best Buy. This one-day deal takes $100 off the usual price for this kit that includes one Arlo Pro 2 camera as well as the necessary base station. As a price comparison, the 2-camera kit at Amazon is almost twice […]

Swiss e-voting trial offers $150,000 in bug bounties to hackers

The Swiss government is offering bug bounties of up to CHF 50,000 (around $50,000) to anyone who can expose vulnerabilities in its internet-based e-voting system in a test later this month. In total, 150,000 CHF (around $150,000) will be up for grabs for any white hat hackers who register for the “Public Intrusion Test” (PIT). […]