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Noclip’s gaming documentaries break nearly every YouTube rule

Noclip’s latest documentary, an hour-long exploration of the development of the popular spacefaring indie game Astroneer, doesn’t look like a normal YouTube video. Its long runtime is matched with an appropriately meaty story. It starts with the formation of developer System Era Softworks, and it goes through Astroneer’s heady post-launch days when hundreds of thousands […]

SCUF Vantage for PlayStation 4 review: The Build-A-Bear of controllers

If there’s one major change I’d make on any of the PlayStation’s DualShock controllers, it’s their analog sticks. Specifically, their layout. I’ve never been a fan of the symmetry, and have always preferred the offset design of Xbox controllers. Thanks to the SCUF Vantage, I can now play my favorite PS4 games with a controller […]

Wolfenstein: Youngblood for PlayStation 4 — Everything you need to know

Bethesda Softworks did the world a favor and introduced a new Wolfenstein game. Wolfenstein: Youngblood, as it’s called, is still set in the time of Nazi Germany. And yes, the game largely still celebrates killing those Nazis. But how will you do it? What’s the story going to be? What crazy new ways can you […]

The iPhone’s camera used to be a selling point

There are many good reasons to own an iPhone: your social life might revolve around iMessage, you might value Apple’s emphasis on privacy, or perhaps you appreciate the quality of Apple’s displays and software experience. But the one thing that once exemplified Apple’s lead over the Android chasing pack, the iPhone’s camera, is no longer […]

Step up your smart home and Wi-Fi setup with discounted TP-Link smart plugs, bulbs, routers and more

Amazon is running a huge sale today on a bunch of TP-Link products including smart home devices like smart plugs, bulbs, and light switches as well as a ton of networking gear to ensure your Wi-Fi is up to scratch, too. Building a smart home is something that many people are interested in, but the […]

Patreon boy band sells experimental games with monthly subscriptions

If you were to check out the Instagram page for the Sokpop Collective, you’d probably have a hard time figuring out what it actually does. It’s full of shots of four young Dutch guys posing in various Instagram-friendly locations; looking oh-so-casual in front of a rusted garage door, throwing up peace signs and serious faces […]

The potentially perilous promise of food allergen sensors

Nima, the parent company for a line of portable food sensors intended for people with allergies and sensitivities, says its culture is based on five core values, the first of which focuses on transparency. “We are more open than private,” Nima writes on its website. “We believe transparency builds trust.” There’s just one problem: the […]